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OctOBEr, 2012
In mid-September the HBA said
farewell to beloved staff member,
Jennifer tucker. Jennifer spent
eight years with the HBA, grow-
ing into an Executive Assistant
and Facilities Manager extraordi-
naire. But more than that, it has
been Jennifer’s magic touch that
elevated flagship member and
VIP events to the must-attend
events of the season. Under Jen-
nifer’s guidance, events like the
Builders Ball, Excellence Awards
and the Block Party at the NW
Natural Street of Dreams thrived.
Jennifer also provided tireless
support to the Board of Directors.
“Jennifer started with little di-
rect experience for the position
but a great knowledge of what
it took to serve customers well.
that was essential, and it showed
throughout her time here as she
served the customers she worked
most with: HBA leaders, past lead-
ers, and involved members,” says
Dave Nielsen, HBA cEO. “It also
showed in how she approached
event management for some of
the most visible member events
we hold each year.”
Jennifer has headed off to the
sunny environs of the Southwest
to be closer to her family. We wish
her all the best!
taking Jennifer’s place is anoth-
er seasoned HBA staff member,
Helen Lewis. Virtually growing up
at the HBA, Helen began as a NW
Natural Street of Dreams crew kid
and was the Street’s Intern two
years ago.
“Helen has worked at the front
desk position for almost two
years. She approached it realiz-
ing this was a critical entry-level
position, an important job that
was the initial contact for many
members and the public, as well
as the hub and link to all of our
programs and services,” says
Dave. “She grew the position’s
value to us significantly and has
the right attitude and aptitude to
move into this new position.”
congratulations, Helen! We
look forward to supporting you
in your new role.
Goodbye Jennifer, but HELLO Helen!
housing industry.
What can you do to help us
go beyond 10 percent? Just two
simple things: first, when you
have a business problem, call me.
HBA wants to be in the business
of providing solutions to business
problems for our members. the
more we understand your chal-
lenges, the better we can work
to find ways to solve them. Sec-
ond, when you have a contractor,
subcontractor, supplier or other
industry professional mention a
problem or concern they have,
ask if they are a member of HBA.
We might be able to help them,
and we would be happy to spend
a few minutes talking and seeing
if one of the many services we
provide might be an answer for
them. In the end, that is how we
believe we can grow our mem-
bership best – by providing the
highest valued services in ways
that meet our members’ business
From the Top:
will continue to grow
by providing the
highest value services
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Jennifer Tucker (left), and Helen Lewis (right).
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